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The key to spending the time writing a thesis effectively is to tell yourself that this will be the only thing for you to focus on. Just take it as granted that for the next months you won't be able to meet with friends as much as you did before. There will be no TV series in your life (at least in the previous amount). This is the time you have to dedicate to writing and nothing else.

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What You Do Not Want to Do

  • Write about everything you know in one paper. Some students think that a thesis is a perfect lace to demonstrate how much they know on the subject. They raise up the topics that are vaguely related to the thesis' topic to impress the committee with their knowledge. Doing so often results in their advisor asking them to delete half of the material due to its irrelevance. Do not make the same mistake and save your time.
  • Rely on your poor time-management skills. It always seems that there is plenty of time ahead and that you will finish your thesis by the planned deadline. In fact, the writing period will fly by and you won't even realize that a couple of months are already gone. Make a schedule and stick to it no matter what. You may have some minor deviations and alterations on the way, though.
  • Write about something you don't find to be interesting. Listening to your advisor's or someone else's piece of advice and dedicating your paper to a topic you think is boring is a wrong way to go. You will torture yourself writing chapters you do not care about. The motivation will disappear and you will be counting days to the end of this nightmare. Or you will have to change the topic in the middle of the process and start all over again.
  • Use the terms you are not familiar with. Do not try to make your paper look smarter by including the expressions and words you don't know and have never used before. It is possible to explain any phenomenon, even the 11 dimensional manifold, using a simple language. The ideas you express are all that matters. If they are not good enough, no fancy language is going to help you.

We Guarantee There Will Be No Difficulties

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