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"Social Media Strategy"

The skilled writer did a great job. I will add a few more details. Thank you for your service and writing skills.

Customer ID#492785
"Communication/English Course"


Customer ID#492777
"Robert Adams Photographer Questions Aesthetic and Philosophical Approaches"
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

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Customer ID#492785
"Psychosocial and Substance Use History Summary of Brandon Novak"

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"Compare Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Theories"

Writer was a good communicator and I received the paper before the due date. I will use them again. Thank you.

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"Analyzing Myself"


Customer ID#3108269
"Writer's choice"
Biology (and other Life Sciences)

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Customer ID#3243295
""Huey Long"Share Our Wealth" (1935)""

I like that the support team is always very friendly and understanding.

Customer ID#40783
"Assignment 2.2: Policemen of the World Final Paperchoice"

This is my third order and so far everything is fine.

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"analyzing scientific and non scientific writing"
Classic English Literature

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"Please see paper instructions"

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"The pedaler Victoria by bike"

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"Virtual Company Tour Report on Apple Company"

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""What is Holocaust denial how is it manifested and what are its dangers?""

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"Critical Analysis of poem and movie"
English 101

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"The National Geographic related topic is recommended"
English 101

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"Should there be a market for human organs?"

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"International Student's community in the United States"
English 101

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"Pablo Freiere"

I liked the creativity that your writers put in my order. Although I did not know what to write about, my writer took the minimum guidelines, and it turned out exactly as I wanted it.

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"Education; Developmental and behavioral issues in assessing persons with autism spectrum disorders"

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"Learning Theory Presntation -Social Cognitive Theory"

Everything is great, I enjoyed using your service and I will definitely do it again.

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"Intermediate Microeconomics Problem Set"

My writer was very attentive and professional. He/she asked me everything that was not clear, and the essay turned out good. Thank you.

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"Discuss the Value of Studying Arts"
Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Love it!! Perfect!! Thank you so much. Great writing skills, all questions answered.

Customer ID#492785
"Writer's choice"

The writer did a great job answering questions. Thank you.

Customer ID#492785
"Difference Between Free Speech and Ethical Speech"

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Customer ID#492785
"education and dominant ideologies"
Political science

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"Can a Good Man Be Harmed?"

Thank you for putting my ideas in such a nice and long essay

Customer ID#82376
"The physics behind bulletproof vest and bullets"

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"objectives of my internship"
Public Administration

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Customer ID#75358

This is my favorite writer. You always save my deadline

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"Choctaw Indian"

I just didn’t understand the question. I read the paper and then I got it. Thank You for the knowledge.

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"Discussion Photography how it efffects the media"

GREAT!! Thank you! Great writing skills.

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"Media Communication and Visual Literacy"

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"Evidence Grid"

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"Mayan Temple"

What a great presentation!! Thank you for this beautiful slideshow, it is gorgeous.

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"American Apparel"
Business Studies

Perfect piece, just as I wanted it to be.

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"Online Movie Ticket Booking"
IT, Web

What a thorough research you've done!! I'm your most loyal customer from now on, as you've helped me enormously with this assignment.

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"How a Wind Turbine Turns Wind Energy into Electrical Energy"

Grandious paper! Thank you for your explanations and fast work!

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"Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Worksheet"
Political science

I liked it at the beginning, and after the revision I adore it! Fantastic piece of writing, thank you!

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"500 Years Ago - the First Global Era"

Nice paper! Thanks for writing it so quickly for me!

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"Rhetorical Analysis"
English 101

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"FNP Marketing Brochure"

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"What Are the Main Things You Would Do to Recruit and Retain a More Diverse Workforce?"

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"Writer’s choice"
Business Studies

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"Writer’s choice"
English 101

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"Stamford's Public Schools Mold Issue"

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"My Research"
Leadership Studies

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"Impact of Social Media"

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Customer ID#50930

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"Writer’s choice"
Social Work and Human Services

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Health Care

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"Is Social Media Hurting our Society?"

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"Writer’s choice"
English 101

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"The Global Crisis Essay"

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"Research Career: Cyber Security"
English 101

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I want to thank my writer! He explained me everything in the comments and gave links to the sites with simple physics))
More like a tutor, and much more than an average writing service.
Thank you a lot!

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"Introduction to Management"

Thanks for the essay! Only meaningful words, and no senseless sentences!

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"Develop an Annotated Bibliography for Use in Your Research Paper"

Thank you great work as usual! Love the work you guys do!

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"Writer’s choice"
Criminal Justice

Thanks! Very good paper and a helpful writer!

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"Writer’s choice"

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"Evaluation of Netflix Financial Information"

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"Response to Two Powerpoints presentations"

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"“Value of Philosophy to the Society”"

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"Marketing Analysis of the Airline Industry (Strategies, Segments, and Targets)"

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"Analyzing an Income Statement"

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"Writer’s choice"

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"Writer’s choice"

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"Comparing Underlying Systems of Law"

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"American Military History I"

I appreciate your critical thinking around this project.
Well done, this is exactly what I need!

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"Final Project Outline and Annotated Bibliography"
Human Resources Management (HRM)

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"Social Epidemiology: HID/AIDS among African-Americans in Atlanta, Georgia"
Health Care

Writer, you are one of the most reliable I’ve ever had! I know that everything depends on writers’ professionalism and I am so lucky to have a great one! Thank you soooo much!

Customer ID#40169
Environmental studies and Forestry

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"System Folder for a paralegal"
Criminal law

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"Climate and Weather - Hurricanes and Climate Change"

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"Surveillance and privacy"
English 101

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"Technology in the correctional system"
Criminal Justice

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"Internship Reflection"
English 101

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"The Corporate Culture"

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"Ethics in Criminal Justice"
Criminal Justice

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"Writer’s Choice"
Political science

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"The New Jim Crow"

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"Unit of Analysis and Sample Size"
Business Studies

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"Handling Sentence and Appeal"
Criminal Law

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"Hire a Nurse for a Hospital"
Human Resources

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"Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project—Conducting the InterviewsWriter’s choice"
Business Studies

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Environmental Studies and Forestry

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"Troy Maxon Tragic Hero or Not"

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"Meaning of Life through Film"

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"Systemic Governance in Qatar Star League"

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"Strategic Management Audit"
Business Studies

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"Four Elements of Enterprise Rental Cars Business Model"
Business Studies

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"Writer’s Сhoice"
Religious studies

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Computer Science

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"Our History 1877"

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"Family Clinic"
Health Care

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"Education and Special Education Letter of Intent"

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"Hindu Communal Beliefs"
Religious Studies

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"Discussion Questions"

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"Groundwater Arsenic Contamination Public Issue"
Social Work and Human Services

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"African American Slavery"
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"Divorce Affects Children Negatively"
English 101

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"Understanding Violence"

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"Effect of Social Media and Other Technology on Social Change"
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"Mark Zuckerberg, Analysing Biograph"
English 101

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"Cultural Cleansing and Destruction of Cultural Heritage"

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"Writer's Choice"
Business Studies

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"Writer's Choice"
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"Time Management Plan"
Business Studies

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"How to Reduce Traffic Jams and congestion in Kuwait"
English 101

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"Mac Book Pro vs. Dell Inspiron"

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"Middle Eastern Science Traditions"
Cultural and Ethnic Studies

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""Our Rainbow Underclass" by Mortimer Zuckerman"
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"The Freedom of Speech and Its Limits"

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"Does Peaceful Resistance to Laws Positively or Negatively Impact a Free Society?"
English 101

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"Does Peaceful Resistance to Laws Positively or Negatively Impact a Free Society?"
English 101

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"Writer's Choice"

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"Writer's Choice"

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"Greatest Challenges Facing Business Today in British Columbia"
Business Studies

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"Strategies and Tactics"
Public Relations (PR)

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"Compare theories of Machiavelli and St. Augustine to Sam Houston's Decisions"

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"Catalytic Converter"
Environmental studies and Forestry

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"The Right to Search"
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"How Has Globalisation Affected Global Value Chains?"
International Trade

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"Interfaith Dialogue"

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"The Providence Debate"
Religious studies

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