Book Report vs. Lab Report: Which One's Harder to Write

The instant answer a student can give to this question is that every assignment is difficult in its own way. Essays require creativity and special writing techniques, research papers challenge the analytical skills of students, reports have a rigid structure you have to follow and take a lot of time to cope with, unfortunately. No matter what kind of paper you are asked to write, it will still be a struggle (sometimes big, and sometimes small, but struggle). Nonetheless, it would be good to know what to wait for when you get any of these assignments.

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Let's look at the two reports closely to identify the main challenges of each of them. Before we get to the detailed examination of these papers, let us just remind you that at you will find a solid support from the skilled and qualified writers. You will receive the perfect sample of a report to understand how to approach this task. Check out the samples our experts wrote to get convinced that we are the service you've been looking for a long time.

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Book Report Challenges

Writing a book report is a real hassle but there is one satisfying point about it. Unlike a book review, it does not require you to critique an author and give your personal evaluation of a literary piece. It might sound like a tiny benefit but any task is easier when you do not have to get into the small details and decipher the intentions the author had while writing a particular passage.

What might come as a problem:

  • you might not be thrilled about the book you are assigned to read;
  • you need to have enough time to read a book and analyze it;
  • making notes is necessary while reading which does not give you the chance to enjoy the process;
  • getting your head around the plot might be challenging;
  • the editing process can take a lot of time.

Lab Report Challenges

What might come as a problem:

  • you have to understand how to carry out the required experiments to be able to write a report;
  • you may have to work in a team which is always stressful;
  • you have to learn the standard structure of this type of papers to get a good grade;
  • the results may turn out not as expected and you will have to come up with a new core idea of the paper;
  • you might get confused with the information you get and interpret it in a wrong way.

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It would be safe to say that both assignments look hard. You will have to spend a lot of time figuring out the best way to present the information you have and get your message across to a reader. If you turn to, you won't have to spend a minute of your time on these tasks. Due to a huge number of pitfalls, these papers can lead you to the road you don't want to take. As a rule, the score you get has a big influence on the final grade you get by the end of a semester. Especially when we are talking about a book report. Teachers want to test your ability to grasp the main idea of a text and combining its elements in a logical order.

The Golden Rule of Coping with Assignments

Learn to prioritize. If you know there are tasks that are not as important for you as others are, leave them for later. In the situation when you have time to cope with a limited number of papers, choose the one that can and will influence your final grade. Ideally, you could order the less significant paper here. If you think that doing so is just a waste of money, it is not. Sometimes to save money you have to spend them first. As conflicting as it sounds, it is true. If you fail a course and will have to take it the next semester, you will have to pay for it a lot more than for ordering a single paper. Think of the consequences of the decisions you make and calculate the hidden costs. As to the costs, our prices will pleasantly surprise you. Remember that the earlier you order, the lower the price will be.

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