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Topics That Are Not Boring

  • In sociology, there are almost an endless number of topics you can discuss in a paper. The daunting thing is that the majority of students choose the topics that are safe and boring. It is like you know what subject would your teacher approve of and pick it to play safe. You should do it in two cases: when you are not bored with this topic and when you have no other choice. Otherwise, try to find something exciting and fresh to write about without being afraid of not meeting the expectations of your instructor. Only the brave ones succeed.
  • Do not choose something that is obvious. There is no point in discussing something that has not changed within the last decade. the society is constantly developing but some of the aspects remain to be unchanged. For example, a paper on the changes of parenting styles can be rather interesting if you contrast the existing styles with the previous ones. But do not dedicate the whole paper to describing the experience of the past generations.
  • If you have the freedom to choose any topic, try to come up with something that can be useful to read fro the modern society. there are so many events and behaviors one can explore in the light of the standard concepts that it is stupid to focus on an old topic.

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