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Giving a speech might be one of the biggest challenges to face in college. You will have to stand there in front of a bunch of people you do not know very well and present your ideas to them. Moreover, you have to be convincing and calm. Is it at all possible? When you watch TED Talks videos or the presentations of the world-famous CEOs it all seems effortless. But once you have to get on the stage yourself and start talking, it sounds frightening.

One of the keys to a successful speech is a good content. No matter how confident and calm you may seem, people will not appreciate your speech if the information you have is of no use to them. Think about your audience and ask yourself what are the key points they would like to hear from you. This will be your outline. If you do not want to risk or have no time for preparation, our experts will be glad to assist you.

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Become a Confident Orator

  • The more practice you have the better speaker you become. It is all about making this task an ordinary routine. You might be afraid of doing something when you do it for the first or second time. But when you've experienced it for many times, the experience is not at all scary. Given the fact that you have a limited amount of time to prepare yourself for giving a speech, practice as much as you can in front of a mirror or your friends. You need to learn how to stay comfortable while talking to the audience.
  • Prepare some alternatives in case you lose the audience's attention. If you see that the majority is no longer interested in what you have to say, introduce an interesting fact or make a joke. This is just the way our brain works. It is difficult to keep oneself focused on something for too long. The ideal option is if you have two alternative endings of your speech. You can see the way an audience responds to your material and can choose the right variant of the two.
  • Make everything you say to be clear and specific. Do not use expressions that have two or more meanings. It can be sometimes confusing for people to understand what you really mean. It is a true talent to be able to explain something complex using simple language. Try your best to get to this level of mastery.


However, it is not always easy to create a great PowerPoint. Many people chug their slides full of words, forcing their audience to read lines of text and paying no attention to the presenter. Others try to use crazy fonts and transitions thinking that is the way to keep the audience interested. But those things are gimmicks; the only way to truly have a great presentation or speech is to put a lot of careful thought into the points you want to make, taking a time to ensure your points are presented in the clearest way possible.

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