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The reason why there are so many types of essays is that each of those types serves a specific purpose. Some of them teach you how to make a reader believe what you have to say, others help you to experience something you love or hate again and again. Each text makes you find out more about your writing talent and discover new horizons to your skills. Your task as a student is to use the different kinds of writing assignments to uncover your talents and learn how to show the whole spectrum of your unique writing skills.

The Difference Between Types of Essays

  • Although the structure of essay writing is somewhat similar, every type has its special characteristics and goals. When writing a descriptive essay, one needs to use vibrant language to create the right image in a reader's mind. A writer has the aim to sketch a picture in a reader's imagination. Using various tools like metaphors and analogies, a writer is free to create the aesthetics she feels comfortable wit and that describes her inner world.
  • A narrative essay is something more personal. This is the place to tell a that actually took place in your life. You do not have to describe an imaginary situation. The aim is to explore an event that had a great impact on you. You can tell that your text is convincing if a reader can feel the same emotions as you did back then. Using the scrupulously chosen words is the key to making your story vivid.
  • Writing a persuasive essay you try your best to convince a reader of taking your side. You present arguments and support them with clear and undeniable evidence. This is one of the toughest tasks. You need to build a logical sequence of facts to make the text believable and comprehensive.
  • In an expository essay, your task is to analyze the information you have and make logical conclusions. This is one of the most popular assignments in college. It tests your ability to connect the dots and present the analyzed information in an appealing way.
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