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Philosophical papers are something students always struggle with no matter how good they understand the main concepts. It is difficult to express the philosophical ideas via paragraphs of text. You would rather have an intellectual conversation with someone instead. But in reality, it is not that hard. You have to describe an imaginary conversation you would have otherwise.

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The Mistakes Not to Make:

  • You should always define the terms you are going to use before going deeper with your reasoning. The same words can have different meanings within the field of philosophy. the word you use every day can have another definition in the thinking process of Kant and Nietzsche.
  • Do not make your paper watery. Meaning that it should have a clear message you are communicating. Philosophy is a wonderful field to train your logical skills. Sometimes logic can lead you away from the initial topic. As the result, you will get a paper that has a lot of words in it and no meaning.
  • To demonstrate your instructor that you've explored all the sides of the discussed aspect, write about opposing views. For ages philosophers had hot discussions about who is right and who is wrong. It is not mathematics where you can calculate the right answer. Everything's relative in the philosophical terms.
  • The more you think about the philosophical notions of our world, the more questions there seems to be arising. Do not be afraid to get to the point where you do not answer the question of your instructor but create a bunch of your own ones. The fact that you ask them may be better than the first option.

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