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Guess what is the best way to melt the heart of your geography teacher? You are right, writing a decent paper can do it. But it is not as easy as it may seem. The great discoveries made by the explorers of the past are the perfect topic for an engaging paper. Pick a subject you are interested in and try to look at it from a different perspective. The last thing your teacher want you to turn in is another boring text.

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Geography Essay Tips

  • If the central point of focus of your essay is geography, the main task is to be as precise as possible. Do a thorough research to understand the historical background of a country or region you are writing about as it is the vital part of any good text. The way a country's borders were formed and what stages of its development were connected to the geographical position are the things worth mentioning.
  • The interconnection with the geographical neighbors of the country or region you are describing is of high importance as well. What impact do the mountains have on a region? What kind of economic and cultural influence is there because of the geographical position? These are the things you can mention besides the obvious questions stated by a teacher. These details make a geography paper more interesting to read.
  • Many students concentrate on the main question of a paper's topic and refuse to dig deeper. There can be a lot of exciting details that other aspects of the topic can reveal. Always try to find an alternative view on the well-known phenomena. You can show off the analytical and writing skills all at once.

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