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Every time you have to analyze the work of another writer, you might be threatened by his/her mastery. Many students start thinking that their writing can't be compared to that of renowned authors. They think that there will never be a time for them to reach the same level of writing talent. That is why writing a paper that discusses the flaws of someone else's masterpiece is so hard. The secret technique is to distant yourself from the famous image the literary piece has and treat it as a simple story of an anonymous writer. There is nothing wrong in expressing your point of view that may contradict the common views. Writers should be brave and a college is a great place for polishing these skills.

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English Literature Paper Tips

  • The nature of the paper has to dictate you the rules of writing it. If it is a book review of a literary piece written by an English writer, not only should you focus on the crucial details of the plot, but also give your evaluation and analyze it. If you are not sure what type of paper it is you have to write, ask your instructor to clarify that for you.
  • Making notes while reading a book or short story is the key to saving time on this type of a writing assignment. If you do not know what the topic of paper will look like, you still can spot some important character descriptions and turning points of the plot. You will not have to re-read it over and over again in an attempt to find that particular part of the story you want to write about.
  • Consider the context. What could have influenced the writer to create this piece? Was it written during some tragic or happy events? Very often you can find the correlation between the behavior of the main characters and the real situation occurring in the country/city they live at that time.
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