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All You Have to Know About This Assignment

  • The goal of a case study is to demonstrate how a specific approach or technique was helpful or hazardous after its implementation. Your task is not only to describe this approach in details but also to give your evaluation of it. What was done right? What mistakes did you spot? Every case study should give a lesson to the readers. Learning from the mistakes of successful cases of others is more effective than reading the theoretical principles in a study book.
  • If you think that giving your readers some context of the story you are about to tell is relevant, do it. Writing about an international company, you might mention that it started as a small startup with only 4 employees. This will signify what kind of path had the business people to go through to get where they are now.
  • Use a rigid structure of your paper. You have to plan everything ahead. Every section of a review has to be dedicated to a specific idea. Make the experience of consuming the information you present as easy as possible.

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